Farazpardazan Company was officially started in 2010 by a group of graduates of the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Information Technology of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). Simultaneous Faraz processors continued their activities in our beloved country of Iran under the brand name BitArun Farazpars and in Canada under the brand name .BitArts Inc. relying on indigenous knowledge and expertise in new and applied fields of information technology. After nearly a decade of familiarity and after years of cooperation and implementation of foreign and domestic projects in the fields of banking, insurance and other challenging fields, we are still proud and with double experience and knowledge arising from the academic environment, a strong bridge between universities.

And be an industry. We are confident that moving in this direction will lead the country to excellence and growth. Farazpardazan Company has been active in 4 areas related to information technology since its inception:

• Electronic banking development services o Development and support of Core-Banking system of Behestan Ryan Company (SIMIA) o Central Exchange Management Terminal Software (EXCHANGE) of Faradis Alborz Company o Ayandeh Bank Investment Fund Sales System o Banking equipment monitoring services o Parsian Social Network (Shop) o Mobile card system o New mobile system

• Transportation industry products o Aseman Air Services Company ticket storage and ticketing system

• Insurance IT development services o Development of Parsian life insurance portal and investment o Development of a new financial system for Parsian Insurance (Sanam) o Razi Insurance System o Development of marketing management system and sales of NTree Student Insurance Canada

• Mobile services and social networks o Development of BPMS based on mobile and messengers tomorrow o Chamber social network software (Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture) o Fanoos personal financial management system o Iran Mall application o Comprehensive backup system

• Permissions and rankings

• Danesh Bonyan Company Certificate of Certificate (New Type 1)

• Obtaining the rank of four IT councils